We are kicking off the holiday season with our second Gift Guide in this issue.  As well as celebrating the beauty of the Resort Fashion Season or Pre-Spring as some call it.  The cover goes to the house of LANVIN. That stunning emerald green gown from the resort collection is available at



Resort 2014

RED LIPS are a woman’s best friend, secret weapon and least expensive accessory.  There’s something about wearing red lip color that feels empowering.  We’ve assembled an assortment of red lip colors in several forms: stick, gloss or pencil.  And don’t be fooled into thinking you only need one red lip color.  Nope, you need several.

image courtesy of Ellis Faas


Like most chic women, we’ve become obsessed with wearing gloves.  Gloves are that accessory that looks good no matter what season.  We found a few pairs at GASPAR GLOVES that make perfect gifts. These amazing leather gloves are a beautiful way to transition from season to season. 

boutique obsession
ON Motcomb

Our shopping field trip took us to London.  We are obsessed with ON MOTCOMB.  This boutique is amazing.  We love the concept, a store that only sells evening wear.  When you see the images, you’ll understand our fondness for this atelier.  The images had us wanting to hop a Virgin Airlines flight for a quick shopping trip.

image by Matt Clayton

Resort is that season nestled in between the holiday rush and the holiday lull.  It serves to tease us about the upcoming Spring.  This is our first time doing a Resort Issue and we loved it.  It got our juices flowing and made us eager and excited about the Spring Fashion season.  There’s a lot of black and white as well as some amazing vibrant colors.  We are delighted to share our favorites.  First on the list is LANVIN, a long time favorite of ours. This collection is outstanding.  It’s like super cool ladylike.  The woman that wears this is comfortable on a beach or a board room. Then there’s ZUHAIR MURAD, let’s just call him a fashion artist. This collection is stunning.  It’s filled with all the feminine elements and a lot of sexiness strategically sprinkled in.  While searching the internet, we discovered MAISON RABIH KAYROUZ and asked ourselves why hadn’t we heard of him before.  His draping skills are master designer level.  This is a tough girl meets European chic collection. 

what’s on the gadget guy’s wish list?
hammer and nails salon

for guys only

Now men have their own place to get MANicures and pedicures.  Hammer and Nails is a men only nail salon on Melrose, in Los Angeles.  We’re jealous...

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for the holidays
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accessory report

left to right: Ellis Faas Milky Lips Ellis Red “Blood Red,” NARS  “Jungle Red” lipstick, Lipstick Queen  Chinatown Glossy Pencil “Thriller,” and RMS Beauty “Sacred” Lip Shine.

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